Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Best . . . E-book . . . Ever!

With about a week until my belly dance solo performance for tips and compliments, I needed to make my routine more interesting. I started with a handful of moves that I really enjoyed and thought I did well. My teacher suggested I do some spins and I found myself spinning most of the time. My classmates suggested some other cute moves since I chose a very cutesy song. Of course, with my "Egyptian headache pose" ending, I needed to spice up the middle a bit.

I've been reading Burlesque for Beginners by Jo "Boobs" Weldon. I paid just under $6 for this e-book that explains how to make the tassels twirl and how to make your own tassels. I bought it just to find out how tassels spin like they do, and I've gotten so much more out of it. In fact, there was a tip that I'm applying to my belly dance solo.

I spent one play of my song just posing so I could work out all the possible (and impossible) posing choices I could make. I still found myself dancing but I did have to move from place to place to accommodate new poses. I then ran through the song three more times with full choreography. I found places to incorporate my classmates' advice, my teacher's advice, and a handful of cutesy poses. The poses are an awesome chance to catch my breath. I found myself less dizzy and I think I'll be more able to entertain each table in my three minutes and forty-four seconds. This was the breakthrough I needed. Huzzah!

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