Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Big Bra Adventure: Part Four

At last writing I had covered the straps with fabric. I covered the cups with pieces of fabric much bigger than each cup, and I used yellow thread to tack the fabric in place. I wanted to be sure the entire cup was covered with minimal fabric wrinkling, and I didn't cut any darts into the fabric to make it rest better against the cup. I trimmed the fabric around each cup and left about 1/2" seam allowance. I stitch most of the fabric around the edges before removing the yellow thread. It looked great.

I was going to take more time with each step until I got an email from my teacher that she wants us to dance in our costumes for her today. I've worked my hand into a claw trying to get the bra in shape to be viewed. I put on the recommended trouser hook for the back last night. The fabric that overlaps to cover the hook won't stay in place with a snap, so I'll probably have to attach a tiny hook and eye. The trouser hook is very secure. The straps are a little uncomfortable and aren't really designed for any weight gain or loss since there's no stretch. I think next time I'll leave the bra in one piece and cover it from there.

We picked up some trim yesterday so I could finish my bra. I tried the bra on with some trim draped across the top. This was my first fitting of the bra with all the straps secure. Wow. My boobs looked huge. I was spilling out the top and sides. One wrong shimmy and a nipple would pop out for a visit. This was problematic. I grabbed the wide trim we picked up for my skirt waistband and stitched it around the top and sides of the cups. It looks much better, and I feel a little more covered. I bought plenty of the other trim to do the bottom of the cups if I want, and I have enough to do the waistband of the skirt. My lesson there was to buy a D-cup next time so there's some place for my boobs to hide or to buy a bra with less padding and stuff it myself for cleavage.

I started applying some dangling trim to the bottom of the bra. It has tiny chains with rings hanging from them. Andrew said they looked like little handcuffs. I have to finish stitching it along the bottom. After rehearsal today I may add a few more stitches to secure it.

My next step is figuring out exactly how I want to attach the smaller trim and what to do with the tiny silver chain I bought. Then I have to finish the skirt.

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