Thursday, April 12, 2007

Chaplin School

The date of the Write Act vaudeville/cabaret/gala has been moved. I think the plan is now late May. An arrangement was made with another theatre company that needed a space to rent our space for a nice fee. Of course, this meant that we couldn't get into the space for any gala rehearsals so it made it tough throwing together a fantastic fundraiser.

Nonetheless, some of us are still working on pieces for the show so we're nicely prepared when the date is announced. This week I've been rehearsing a Chaplin piece that involves the Tramp dressing up as a bug exterminator to win the Daughter's (my) affection. It's very cute, and our Tramp really has the mannerisms of Chaplin down. He did another Chaplin piece at the last fundraiser from what I'm told. The piece we're doing is very fun.

I've been working on my cute faces for this thing. Everything has to be very theatrical, and I usually do realism. I have to find specific characteristics for this spoiled young lady that contribute to the piece. For research, we watched some Chaplin films and I watched Chaplin again. I'm enjoying the change from the kind of pieces I normally do. It's freeing.

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