Thursday, April 26, 2007


I've been dancing my butt off the past few weeks. In all honesty, the song I selected for my belly dance solo was the shortest one on the cds I bought that didn't have a zill track. (That was before the teacher insisted we use zills in our solos. Drat!) I liked the song well enough. Heck, I've danced to music I would never buy in a million years so this song wasn't bad at all.

I've been dancing and dancing and dancing to this song, waiting for a breakthrough. My movements in both dance classes have felt a little flat, like there was something missing. Don't get me wrong. I love my dance classes. I've just been disconnected from the music. Even when I took off my clothes in class last week, I didn't feel like I was giving my all. I hate calling it in.

Tonight I had my breakthrough. After dancing my solo three times in a row, I felt totally comfortable. I wasn't worried about what came next. The belly dance solo finally started to flow. I did my cutesy poses and spins and shimmies. I was drenched in sweat but ready to dance it again and again. I was happy to do the solo, and I was happy to dance to the music I selected. Felicity enjoyed my encores so much that she licked the sweat off my face.

There's no telling how this will effect my pole dancing. Breakthroughs tend to spread. Maybe it will even help me with my tissu.


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