Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I've been spending so much time working on my belly dancing that my burlesque pole final fell by the wayside. I purchased gloves and fishnet thigh highs when I started the class last month. I picked up maribou slippers and an easy-to-peel top a couple weeks ago. I needed to complete the outfit for Thursday night. I went through my closet and nabbed one of the bubble skirts I got from Old Navy for about $2 and a plain black bra from Fredericks. Outfit complete.

I hadn't selected a song, and I wanted something appropriate to the heyday of burlesque. I went on Rhapsody to find something, then I went to iTunes to buy it. I'll be stripping to "Slow Walk" by Sil Austin. I was really worried about the music part since it took me a while to find a belly dance song the right length. I should remember that this is an entirely different breed of cat.

I also hadn't worked on my moves specifically for the final solo. Gabrielle said we didn't have to do a solo, but come on. This is me we're talking about. I have to do a solo for my own gratification. So I improvised it through twice in my living room last night. This style comes so much more natural to me than belly dancing. I feel totally comfortable with the music, and I'm not worried about the finale now.

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