Monday, April 09, 2007

Huzz . . . eh?

Last year we had a great time at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. We had limited funds but we hadn't been to a ren faire in a while so we loved every minute. This year was not so good. The day started with the parking attendant demanding exact change when the signs said "We appreciate exact change." 'Appreciate' does not mean the same thing as 'require.' We had to drive back down the road from the damn to break a bill at a liquor store on Easter since most places were closed. Bad start.

We stopped by the Jack FM booth before we entered the faire. They weren't engaging at all, and they weren't offering any of the stuff on their table of goodies. I took a key chain and left. We went into the maze which is the faire in search of food. I was already cranky from the parking jerk and Jack FM. I had a tasty shepherd's pie and Andrew got his turkey leg with mead. We forgot that you pay $6.75 for nearly ten ounces of mead. Then we started exploring.

We saw a couple neat shows. I'm not going to take up space hear blogging about them. I did find some great zills and a silver belly dance hip belt at a good price, so I picked those up. I also got a cute little dragon and a doll that looks like Felicity. We bought some awesome soap and sweets and headed home.

I'm glad we had a two-for-the-price-of-one coupon, because this year's experience didn't feel like it was worth $25 each. I could probably skip a year or two and have a better time when I return, unless that parking jerk is still there.


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