Saturday, April 21, 2007

I Just Wanna Dance!

Thursday night was my burlesque pole final. I entertained the dog with some of the techniques I learned over the six week session prior to the last class. The movements were surprisingly natural. I was totally comfortable about what I was doing. I loved doing this master session.

After class we went out to see burlesque dancing in the field. I'd never been to a strippy show before Thursday night. We went to El Cid in Silverlake for the Super Burlesque Show starring the Hollywood Pin Up Girls. They perform the first and third Thursday nights of the month.

We were right next to the stage so we got a close-up view of the girls in action. It was a very cute show with oodles of costume changes and lots of cute dancing. The music selection was great and the girls were very sassy. They even had a hoop for aerial tricks, which I'm sure takes as much skill as tissu but is even more challenging to do in heels. In the second act they danced in towels. You could almost see something but not quite. It was a masterful tease.

As we watched the girls dance, I was all ready to quit my day job and join them to make a living. I know the stripper moves. I know some of the stylized burlesque moves. I like dancing around in my underwear. If I work out a decent schedule for tissu, then there's another asset I'd have to offer. It's very fun to dance like that, and you could tell they were having a blast. I guess I'll have to settle for a strippy class recital for now.

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