Friday, April 13, 2007

Jesus Smells Like Strawberries, or How We Survived a Blackout

Yesterday was a busy day for me at work. It was very windy outside, so windy that the power was off at Andrew's workplace from noon until he left for the day. Our power flickered once at the office but the power quickly recovered. We were in such a hurry to get home after work so I could get ready for my pole class that we didn't even stop to get groceries. I figured we'd finish of the greens we had in the refrigerator and I'd send Andrew out for chicken while I took a shower.

We got home and the power was off. Brandon, a cute kid from up the block, came by on his bicycle and announced to Mr. Andrew that the power was off. Crap. I worked out a plan of action in the event the power stayed off for more than an hour, then I jumped in the shower while Andrew went out for the chicken. We were going with the original plan, but he added batteries, ice and candles to his list. The house was really quiet since we didn't have the television or radio going. The dogs didn't know how to react.

I cleaned and sewed and cooked and watched the portable television with a scaredy dog curled in my lap and another at my feet. The last time the power went off and the house was dark, we came home and Piper had wagged her tail into a bloody pulp. I decided it was easier to stay home with them and make sure they didn't knock over any of the saints candles Andrew bought (long lasting and inexpensive). The followed us through the house when we would creep from room to room by candlelight. We put the Jesus candle in the bathroom. It smelled like strawberries.

Close to 100,000 homes are still without power in Los Angeles this morning. We're in one of those homes. We're hoping that we have power tonight because the house was just too quiet.

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