Friday, April 06, 2007

My Own Personal Belly Dance

I'm working on a solo for the upcoming show at Dar Maghreb. I had a great "out" last time since I was nearly six months into my belly dance studies and had two numbers to learn for the pole dance part of the Holiday Shake in addition to the belly dance group number. Of course, I promised that I would do a solo at the next show.

It's an interesting process. I had to first get used to putting on the music at home and trying to figure out what to do next. That's going better. I selected a song that would be great for veil work, but I'm so fickle I may ditch the veil. I almost ditched the song while I was trying to work things out Tuesday night. It's a cute song and it's under four minutes, but I was too frustrated. However, I did work out the "chorus" (if you'd call it that when there are no words). I have an idea about where I'm going to take the rest of it, but nothing is certain. Nothing, that is, besides the fact I have to present it to my teacher and classmates Saturday. Eek!

Maybe I'll be so busy vamping for tips that I won't have to worry about most of the dance.

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