Sunday, April 08, 2007

Peer Pressure

I had to have my belly dance solo ready for presentation yesterday. Yikes! I feel better doing an impromptu pole dance or even choreographing pole. For the longest time I felt like I didn't know enough about belly dancing to come up with something good. I've spent the past few weeks trying to fill the void. I read articles about hand movements and articles on choreography. I've watched more belly dance performances in search of moves I could steal. I bought a few CDs and I've been listening to them and working on my improvisation. I spent a chunk of time Tuesday night working on the group pieces and my solo, and I spent a few hours yesterday morning putting my solo together.

Since it's Easter weekend, the only students in class yesterday were me and Charlene (also in the troupe). We used the class time as an opportunity to perform for one another. I went first since I prefer to go first. I forgot part of my choreography about halfway through but I kept smiling. It went well. Then Charlene did hers. She moves like she was born to belly dance. She was awesome. Jamilla gave us some constructive criticism which was really helpful. It was nice to have someone look at my dance and validate my work but also give me some hints to make it more interesting for the audience. I may work on incorporating spins later this evening.

It's funny performing a new skill. I can do the group stuff easily, but it really was a test of my ability as a dancer to hold my own and hold it alone. I'm glad we performed for each other so I don't have to go through that first solo experience on the night of the showcase and get bored with my own dance. Jamilla said it's good to perform at every opportunity so you get used to performing. I totally agree.

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