Wednesday, April 18, 2007

String Around the Finger

I realized yesterday that sometimes all it takes is a "string tied around the finger" -- a little reminder of sorts -- and remembering something comes with ease.

I've been doing some special calls to clients of my company's branches around the country. I have to listen each call to transcribe it, and I noticed that sometimes my questions didn't sound like questions. Now, it's a convention to use question words but not give the inflection of a question. Ever hear "What do you want for dinner." We say these things as statements a lot of the time, which is why a mate may say "Don't get testy with me because you're hungry." Without making these questions sound like questions, people can get confused. Question words turn into accusations or assumptions for the listener.

How do I know this? I've experienced it for myself and I studied it in my Scientology courses. There's a large body of information on communication, and there was one reference I studied years ago that covered this exact thing. When I was listening to some of my calls, I noticed I wasn't always asking questions with my questions. That was the string around my finger for the communication reference about questions. That little reminder kept me asking real questions yesterday. I'm sure the people I was questioning felt more at ease.


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