Monday, April 23, 2007

U-Turn for My Ta-Tas

I was busting my tail to get my belly dance bra finished for the showcase next Tuesday. I'd collected up the best advice and patterns the internet had to offer (for free) and hacked apart a clearance bra from Frederick's. As I continued to alter it per the instructions, the bra became more uncomfortable and less covering. Each direction I followed made it less of a bra and more of a sequined torture device. I wore it to rehearsal last week on Sunday and almost spilled out the sides. Argh!

The skirt is a relatively simple cycle. I installed an invisible zipper Saturday morning, hemmed the slits and the bottom. I have to add some elastic at the waist since it's a little loose on my lower abs. Once I tack trim to the top, the skirt is done. I need to dance in it, but I have the skirt I wore in December if I need it.

My teacher suggested I add more padding to the sides to jam my ta-tas in the bra real good. Of course, this meant I'd be absolutely heaving out the front. I hunted through my house Saturday morning for some random bra parts or padding to apply her solution. I pulled off the bra restrained myself from tossing it across the room. I didn't like how my ta-tas looked in this almighty belly dance bra made according to the internet advice. I went through my bras to see if I had something that did what I wanted. I needed straps I could easily alter so they wouldn't slide off my narrow shoulders. I also needed the stretch that a normal bra provides so I wouldn't be stuck with a band that is too small or too large.

That's when I found it. My Frederick's bra that I bought for an audition. It was cozy, uplifting and supportive. The straps can be moved around, so I tried it with a cross in back. Perfect! An hour later we got another stamp on my frequent buyer card and a black Hollywood Extreme Cleavage bra. Huzzah! I danced in it Saturday (undecorated) and it felt fantastic. Nothing was popping out of that sucker. I've since commenced the decorating so it matches my skirt. I'll post photos and an update soon.

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