Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Last night I danced my cute little solo, the troupe routine and the hafla at the end (everyone gets up to dance), and I made $33 in tips. w00+! Last time I only made $2. I guess it helps that I had so much cleavage showing. (Oh, and this is the costume I made.)

Since it was my first time to solo, I volunteered to go first. I figured I should get it out of the way so I could say I did it. I did my first belly dance solo. Huzzah! I made $15 during my solo, but that wasn't bad for three minutes and forty-four seconds of dodging waiters in a completely new space. (In December we danced in a different room so I knew its dynamics. We found out right before the show that they washed the carpets in that room so we'd have to dance in the room right next to the full price patrons.)

The group routine was tons of fun. I made another $18. In December, Jamilla told the crowd not to tip us during the routine so it wouldn't throw us off. This time around we were so comfortable with the pieces that we were able to return to the dance easily after the tipping.

We ended with the hafla. Andrew got up with the camera and took pictures of me dancing with my friend Sierra. Then my friend Janae joined us. I passed over my zills to the ladies and we shimmied for two songs. Then I returned to the belly dancer's lair for a huge meal of lemon chicken.

I plan to do this again when my troupe is ready. I opened my big mouth and said that next time I'd do a drum solo, which is lots of isolations. At least I have the cleavage for the chest pops to look good.

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