Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dodgers Win!

Last night we went to the Cardinals vs. Dodgers game. It's been a year since I went to the ballpark. We had a really big month at my office last month, so my boss decided the reward would be a trip to the ballpark with all the families. He gave everyone snack and t-shirt/hat money, and we had a rowdy good time.

I love the Dodgers. Heck, I'm a local. But I do have a special fondness in my heart for the Cardinals. My first year in St. Louis, all the major sports teams won the national game. The Cards won the world series. Dude! I was so busy when I was in St. Louis that I didn't have a chance to catch one of their games while I was there. When the Cards play the Dodgers, I root for the Cards. I may be wearing a Dodgers shirt, but I still root for the Cards.

Last night some barely shaved ape got rude and insulting with me and my thirteen year-old pal Christy when we cheered for St. Louis scoring another run. It's one thing to do a little good natured ribbing. It's quite another to pick on the two cute girls who are jumping up and down rather than trying to start some crap with the big guys in the Cardinals jerseys a few rows down. At no point during the game were we cruel. I did shout that we needed a replacement for our own pitcher because the Dodgers kept scoring. I also shouted for my team to win. I was speechless after this jerkwad, who didn't even cheer for his own team, got rude with us. Wow.

He was an oddity at a baseball game. We all had fun, so did the people beside us who were cheering for the Dodgers. After the game a guy from a few rows down apologized for the random ape (even though they didn't know each other). It was that guy that made me feel better about buying tickets for two more games this season.


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