Friday, May 18, 2007

Fosse Fosse Fosse

In my pole master class this session, we're working on cabaret-style dancing. Our first number is "Big Spender," and the eventual goal is to put together a few completed numbers from the various master class sessions to create an evening of entertainment, like a recital. I love performing, so I've been doing lots of homework so I can contribute to an awesome evening.

I bumped everything else out of the way in my Netflix queue so I could bone up on Fosse. I'm in the middle of Fosse and Sweet Charity right now. I recall hearing people saying to "do it more like Fosse" but I wasn't sure exactly what that meant. I knew he did the original choreography for Chicago, but I hadn't consumed any other Fosse. After watching these shows, I've discovered it is an actual style. It's like jazz-ballet with strange transitions, specific hand movements, odd contortions and fluid motions. As a dancer, it would be worthwhile to find a Fosse class somewhere and just study for a month.

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