Monday, May 28, 2007

Great Deal

I hate solicitors that come to my office. There's a very plain sign on the front door to the building that reads "No Solicitors." That doesn't deter three visits a month from some random partially "dressed up" fellow with princess board books, cheap jumper cables and a "watch me grow" chart. They always want to take time away from my work to explain the great deals, and I go to work so I can get things done and get a paycheck in exchange. I'd rather not sit and humor these blokes for the five to ten minutes that it takes them to try to sell me their crap, knowing I'm not interested nor will I become interested the more they talk.

I make one exception. Two years ago I bought a coupon book for buy one get one free tickets at Dodger Stadium. That summer Andrew and I went to lots of games. For $50, I got four free game tickets and eight coupons for the buy one get one deal. The boys didn't drop by last year, but I saw them nearly two weeks ago and snatched up a coupon book.

Yesterday we saw the Cubs play the Dodgers. In about two weeks we'll see the Dodgers play the Mets from field level seats. Yesterday's seats were in the reserve section, kind of high up, but directly behind home plate. Dude! It's a lot easier to agree with the umpire's calls when you can see the full play. It's my goal to use all of the coupons in the book and get seats as close to home plate as possible.


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