Saturday, May 05, 2007

My Newest Project

Two weeks ago we saw a burlesque show, and while they didn't make any tassels twirl, I found myself wondering how that would work. By that Sunday morning I received a $6 ebook that was filled with information on burlesque, including how to make pasties (with patterns), how to get tassels to twirl, how to do a Sally Rand-style fan dance and even make the fans. I read the entire book within a week, but I had to concentrate on my belly dance costume and dances. That left no time for experimenting with my newfound burlesque knowledge.

However, I did still have time to order supplies for this new art form that revealed itself to me. I ordered jazz shoes and ostrich fan kits and extra feathers to cover my goodies in whatever I would wear. I bought felt and fringe. I'm just waiting for the mail orders to arrive.

Wednesday night, tired from the show the night before, I sat down on my couch in hopes I could sleep. The dogs got rowdy and I was awakened. I decided to work on my first set of pasties. I took some felt and followed the pattern provided in the ebook. I glued the felt to fabric scraps from my belly dance costume. Last night I created the tassels from fringe and a couple spare beads. Voila! My first pair of pasties!

They were really easy to make. I think I may make the next sets a bit bigger because I don't like putting glue on the edge of my nipples. I may give them a little more point as well. Now, you're probably wondering if I got the tassels to twirl. Stay tuned.

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