Thursday, May 24, 2007

Number Five on the Hit Parade

Yesterday Andrew and I went out for my fifth infomercial. This product is a ballroom dance DVD series. I submitted myself but put in the submission notes that I'd bring my fantastic and attractive husband with me. This was an audition for the infomercial. The instructor, Michael Kiehm, taught a couple dance steps from two different styles to a handful of hopefuls at a time. Everyone else tried learning the steps from the sidelines, and when they switched groups they switched styles.

We were the only couple on the list when we signed in. I don't know if any other couples arrived after us. Because of our cuteness and coupledom, we were selected to take the night club two-step DVD home to learn some moves and bring back our skills to show off at a later date. W00+ for us. We each got the same DVD, but this means we have a spare. We started working on the moves last night. It's set up on a nice gradient so you don't get overwhelmed. I like that.

Maybe we'll shoot footage for You Tube once we know how to do something.

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