Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Pammy Dance!

As I mentioned before, I rented a dance studio Thursday night to shoot some pole footage for my reel. We got plenty of footage and I got a lot of dance time put in that evening. I did most of the tricks on a spinning pole earlier in the evening, then we locked down the pole for the last half hour. Dizzy from tons of spinning, I danced out the rest of the Continuum CD.

Spinning on a stationary pole is like playing an acoustic guitar. You know that you have the basics down so when you get the equipment that amplifies your tricks, you'll really shine. I spent my first three months of pole classes just learning on a stationary pole. These tricks are from footage Andrew cut together to the John Mayer song "I'm Gonna Find Another You." All of these tricks were done on a stationary pole.


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