Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Studio Time

My pole teacher went on vacation last week so I rented the studio for a couple hours Thursday night. I wanted to shoot some pole tricks for my reel. I love this studio and I know how to set up poles there. I'll probably have a little video clip up late today.

The evening wasn't without problems. I wanted footage on a spinning pole (cool for certain tricks) then a stationary pole (better for a lot of tricks for someone with small hands). We tried setting up two different poles in a part of the room that would give us a nicer background but neither one spun smoothly. We had to set up a pole in the corner by the stereo and we had to get the stereo in the background because of the kind of camera we were using.

I shot a little footage in my stripper shoes, but I get bored with them and I don't feel as free when I wear them. I spent most of the time barefoot. I danced for so long on the spinning pole that I was still dizzy a half hour later. I had to slow things down and get some other tricks with the stationary pole, but I was still worn out from so much dancing. I could do a half hour set, but I don't think I could do another hour and fifteen minute set without more than a three minute break.

I do like the image quality. I look pretty fit. I'd like to get one of these cameras for my household so I can shoot all of my performances with this quality.


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