Saturday, May 19, 2007

Using the Right Muscles

When I shot my pole footage, I did a thorough warm up before I warmed up on the pole. I don't recall having any muscle soreness after so much time spent dancing. In my pole class for the past two weeks, we've skipped the ab work we used to do at the beginning and we get right to an "all-skate" warm up where we freestyle for around eight minutes while warming up our muscles. It's a fun way to warm up.

Of course, different dance styles use the muscles in different ways. I can't do the exact same warm up for pole, belly dance and tissu. They're all athletic but each gives a different workout. Different moves within each style require different muscles. The "all-skate" warm up I did Thursday night didn't warm up certain parts that I later used. My neck, back and hips got a greater workout than usual with the walks, shrugs and tricks. I know that next week I have to pay special attention to those parts during my warm up since this number really uses them. I have to also be cautious with my fairies so they get the proper warm up and cool down for the muscles they'll be working in the show.

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