Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Video Junkie

Over the holiday weekend, I watched lots of dance footage. I was on You Tube checking out fan dances since there are no local teachers and I want to learn how to do a fan dance well. I also watched a couple burlesque videos, including a dancer whose class I'm going to take when she stops through town. I watched All That Jazz to bone up on my Fosse and get inspiration for the show I'm choreographing. I also went to my belly dance teacher's apartment and watched belly dance videos with the troupe.

Oh, and I watched myself dance at Dar Maghreb. One of the girls had a friend who brought his video camera. Not bad, but I need to work on my arms. When I watched the group numbers, I noticed my arms were really stiff. Eureka! I compared that with one of the Bellydance Superstars I saw on a video. Her arms were really soft and fluid. I realized that I don't have to hold the pop-and-lock tension in my arms to get the moves down. I went home and tried relaxing my arms and they looked so much better. I think I want to tape all of my rehearsals so I can spot and correct from rehearsal to rehearsal. I also think I'm going to keep watching videos.

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