Monday, June 18, 2007

Being the Executioner . . . I Mean, Auditioner

We've held many rounds of auditions for this play I'm choreographing. There are more speaking parts than dancing parts, but we've seen more people for the dancing than for anything else. We have one speaking role left to fill, and we've seen a number of people for it. It's tricky matching someone you already have cast opposite that role.

The dance auditions are exhausting for me because I get on stage and dance with every single person who comes in. Auditions are tiring anyway because you think you find the perfect person and they don't want the role you want to offer or they aren't available for half of the performances. Every time someone comes in you get your hopes up that this person will solve all of your casting problems, and yet you still have several more people on the schedule to see. But back to the dance auditions. I was tired and sore from two nights of pole and a morning of ballroom dancing when I went to audition dancers Saturday. I came home with an aching knee and I felt like my wrist was sprained. (My arm is so awesome that it became a handle for a couple of the dancers. I guess it just looked like it needed to be grabbed and pulled.)

Even with all of the torture I experienced, I like the girls who auditioned Saturday. We still have more to see tonight. The trouble is narrowing them down to the two roles we have left. Then the trouble is their availability since they filled out the audition form on Saturday. I can tell you this -- I don't want to host another dance audition for the rest of the year.

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