Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blue Notes

I did a burlesque workshop with Indigo Blue of Seattle's Academy of Burlesque this evening. As you may recall, I did some burlesque study in my pole class in the spring. As I am wont to do, I really research the dickens out of an area when my interest is piqued. I was fortunate to happen upon this workshop.

Tonight was Bump & Grind. We started out with a warm up of our shoulders, hips, back and neck. We covered shimmies and shakes, bumps and grinds. Indigo, a saucy little gal who looks a bit like Juliette Lewis with bigger ta-tas, gave us a little schooling in exaggeration. We learned to frame ourselves with our twirly hands and make our bumps look bigger by using our hands to give the hips something to bump through. We ran a hand from one wrist across the chest to "flick sweat" onto some lucky Joe in the audience. We also tried the same trick to show off our legs, dragging the hands up the armpit and doing the little flick at the top. Tasty.

She taught us a couple walks. I knew one of them from pole class and another resembled the Fosse walk we're using in our latest pole routine. The others looked like they were straight out of the burlesque DVD we watch a couple months ago -- very appropriate. We did a little Charleston and a couple routines combining what we'd learned. We also learned to dance with our mouths open, something I've noticed burlesque performers doing in their YouTube videos.

I had a lot of fun with her. I would've stayed for Tassel Twirling if we didn't have baseball tickets. I will, however, take her Art of the Tease workshop tomorrow night in West Hollywood before our bingo fundraiser at Hamburger Mary's. All of this stuff can help me as an actor, a dancer, and a budding burlesquer.

As a side note, I'm officially registered for two workshops and at least one performance at Stiletto 2.5 in July. I got my registration in the mail today. One of the teachers, Jewel of Denial, attended the class this evening. She announced the workshops and show, and she said that if there was enough interest from the students that we'd do both shows. Huzzah! I'm very excited.


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