Friday, June 08, 2007

Cleaning House

Every once in a while, I like to go through my things and lighten my load. Why keep things I never wear and never use? This week I'm attacking my makeup drawer in my vanity and my two train cases of makeup.

When I was fifteen, I bought an amazing stage makeup kit for $30. I bought a really big case and started filling it with makeup goodies. Sure, there was no way I'd wear all of it. I thought it was responsible of me to have makeup that I could share with other actives. That, and it was really impressive. In college I had a Craftsman tool box full of makeup. That made more sense since I took makeup class and had to do some crazy makeup designs that justified all that makeup. I got rid of some makeup, gave Andrew the tool box, and started keeping things I was more likely to use. I haven't used a lot of them.

I started wearing makeup when I was twelve. I used some $2 Cover Girl foundation from a bottle that wasn't well matched to my skin. That was the extent of my makeup collection for a few months. I had friends that used it so I thought it must be good. I added a couple other things when I had money and the opportunity to go to the store. As I grew older, I was able to afford better makeup. Now I'm a bit snobbish and only get my makeup from makeup stores in the mall. Last week's trip to MAC filled my vanity with new foundation, concealer, powder, three shades of eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, lip liner and lipstick. Of course, the total cost was more than all the makeup I purchased from age twelve to about five years ago. Oh well.


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