Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dance the Day Away

Yesterday was our big day to show off our skills for the infomercial. We've been cramming the past few days with two dance sessions a day to make up for Andrew's flu time and my busy nights. We have the basic night club two-step down and can do turns to the left and to the right, but we didn't make it to the intermediate tricks. We'll probably work on those now that the pressure is off.

It was a long day but it didn't feel like a long day. They fed us well and taught us new dance steps. The hosts were very lively and they had some professional dancers featured in the shoot. We were all geared up and ready to do a solo of our number, but they decided to teach us a salsa step and turn and we danced with two other audition couples. It was probably a lot easier to do it this way. Andrew and I took the floor between shots to do what we learned at home. We also picked up a West Coast swing pattern. It was a fun day.

So the big question on everyone's mind seemed to be: "Are you really married or is that just for the infomercial?" It wasn't: "Are you going to continue the dancing after the infomercial?" And, of course, the answer is yes. Right Andrew Moore?

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