Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The End of an Era

I found out last month that the studio where I take Pilates and belly dance is closing down the belly dance classes at the end of the month. The class was like semi-private lessons a lot of the time because new students would come and go. I found out yesterday that we're not finishing out the month with belly dance class. We were supposed to wrap up on June 30th, but my lovely teacher just graduated college and has oodles to do. I do love the studio and the people there so I'll continue taking Pilates there.

It's very strange that I won't have belly dance classes every Saturday in the middle of the day. I've been taking since June of last year. We built all of this comradery and even created a dance troupe. Jamilla has talked about starting up her own classes once she finds a location, but she may wait until summer is over to start. We talked about rehearsing for our next performance (date unknown) but we have to find a location and schedule it. I don't know if the summer is going to keep the four of us from dancing together.

We're all going in different directions right now. Lois is taking two other belly dance classes to gain more skill and more performance opportunities. Charlene has her Saturdays filled with commercial classes. Jamilla just finished a literature degree and may take some time off. And yours truly -- I'm still a pole goddess who's choreographing a Shakespeare play. I've also taken up burlesque classes and workshops where I can find them. I'm probably going to have to hunt for another belly dance class as a replacement for my Saturdays for the rest of the summer. I don't want to lose the skills I've gained.


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