Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Great Bingo Fundraiser of 2007

Last night was the drag queen bingo fundraiser for my theatre company. This is where we'll get a nice chunk of funding for our upcoming shows. Since this is paying for part of the show I'm choreographing and part of the show Andrew's directing, I really wanted to make sure we had awesome prizes.

The first prize of the evening was a six-week session of pole dance classes donated very generously by Gabrielle. Ana, another member of the theatre company, won the pole classes. She went on to win the second prize that was up for grabs with her crazy bingo skills. Lucky.

Gabrielle won the fourth round of bingo. She got a bag full of goodies that included tickets to the next show at Write Act and a private V.I.P tour and dinner at the Disney Concert Hall. I was really happy that she won since she donated such an awesome prize. Isn't she adorable?

My friend Amy donated a Razor scooter that looked like a mini Vespa. She won it at bingo on her birthday and didn't have a use for it. Instead of making it a prize, we used it as an auction item. We made $450 off that sucker. Exciting, huh? I didn't take a picture.

The last prize I got donated was a package of five Pilates mat or dance classes at Studio Soma. That went to this guy. Too bad belly dance is cancelled until further notice. It would be fun to see him there.

Even though Andrew and I didn't win (again), we had a fun night. I'll have to ask how much money we raised.

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