Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I've enrolled in a seven week burlesque class in North Hollywood on Saturdays. Of course, I was admitted to the class after the first week so I'm only attending six weeks, possibly five because of another burlesque workshop I already sent my money in to register for. Anyway, there are certain wardrobe items I'm supposed to bring to class.

I don't mind spending money on dance stuff, but I try to keep the costs down where I can. I know I'm going to have to buy a new feather boa since mine was small and I gave it to Felicity. I have to get a pair of gloves that go past the elbow since the pair I bought for burlesque pole class stop right below the elbow. I have to find a bra with three hooks. (Do they make those any more?) I happen to have a pair of three inch high heels that aren't stripper shoes. I also happen to have a strapped corset with back closure hooks. (The corset I got for Christmas is better, but it ties in back and hooks in the front. Drat.) I have pasties, a garter belt and stockings. I may have to buy a couple yards of fabric since all of the fabric I have is intended for use in projects. All this stuff adds up. I knew I'd have to get a few of these things, so I checked the ol' closet for the final item on the list.

I didn't have a back-zip evening or cocktail gown. The long dresses I have are cheongsams and fasten at the collarbone. I have a number of short dresses that slip on. I found a box with two formal dresses (even though they show plenty of leg). The first dress zips below the armpit. The second was my prom dress.

I weigh about ten pounds more than I did in high school. I tried on the dress a few years ago and couldn't zip the waist. I tried it on last night and got past the waist. This time I couldn't zip the chest. This is me holding the dress up with no chest support. Andrew tried to zip it and it wouldn't go. It appears I can't use this dress for class. It also appears that some of those ten pounds went straight to my boobs. Oh well.


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