Thursday, June 21, 2007

How I'll Spend My Summer Vacation

Today is the first day of summer, which means one thing: Time to get busy. Long gone are the days of lounging away half the summer on the couch and eating brownies all summer. No, my dance card is full.

I have rehearsals for my fairies starting in a week and ending never. Actually, the show goes up in September so I guess rehearsals will end then. I'm hoping everything goes smoothly. The rehearsals won't take up every night of the week, but I still need to learn more tissu for the show. That's going to take up some time.

I also have the day job. Pays well, great people. I'm hoping to make enough bonuses this summer to pay for my SAG card, some bills and a fantastic winter getaway.

Evenings and weekends will be filled with the standard run of classes. I'll continue my incredible acting class and my wonderful pole master classes. I have to squeeze in tissu and pilates. I have two burlesque workshops and a showcase on the calendar for next month. If my belly dance teacher finds a new space, I'll be starting back up with her. Until then, I'll be finding a good substitute class until August when a teacher I really want to study with returns to town. In the meantime, I have some dance videos to keep me occupied -- belly, ballroom and burlesque.

I miss some things about summers spent on the couch, but I don't miss the boredom. I'd rather have something to do than looking forward to the one activity on my calendar in the middle of summer. Now the challenge is to see how well I keep up with my busy life.

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