Sunday, June 24, 2007

"I Went to The Police Concert and All I Got Was This Foo Fighters Shirt" or "I Love Dave Grohl"

(Let me just be clear about this from the beginning. I love Dave Grohl, but I don't love him love him. My small sister loves him loves him. She's the one who would fling her panties onto the stage at a Foo Fighters concert. I'm the one who took off my pants at another show, and that only happened because I was wearing too many layers and had to get rid of my long johns.)

Okay, so Dave Grohl is rock & roll. Seriously. I bought tickets to see The Police in concert to make Andrew's wildest dreams come true. After I bought the tickets I found out Foo Fighters were opening for them. Dude! Dave Grohl was the highlight of my evening.

I've been watching a DVD about the punk scene in Little Rock when I was a youth. I was peripherally involved in that scene, so I'm in a music state-of-mind. It reminded me of when Kurt Cobain died and how upsetting that was. And out of the punky Nirvana ashes, Dave Grohl rose and formed Foo Fighters. The music is way better.

Okay, back to Dave Grohl. I really admire him because he loves to make music. Whether it's a ditty with Norah Jones or drumming for Tenacious D and strutting around as Satan, he gives it his all. He attacked their set last night like some bearded wild man. He thrashed, he played like he was bruising his guitars, he changed things up whenever he wanted. Of course, his biggest rock god moment was when he jumped off the stage with his guitar, into the audience, and made a break for the pitcher's mound. They had the baseball diamond fenced off but they had seating in the outfield in front of the stage. Dave Grohl hauled ass in a sea of fans. Dave Grohl kicked at the stiff fence chunk and had it halfway down before security righted it. It took several security guards to peel him away from the fence. He detoured to a spot right by third base where he climbed some equipment cases like a guitar-playing mountain goat to rock the house with a solo. Go Dave go!

We were in the second tier of seating so we didn't get to bring home a piece of Dave Grohl to mail to my small sister. All I got was this t-shirt. There goes my hero.

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