Friday, June 15, 2007

Last Big Hurrah

My belly dance teacher graduated from college with her literature degree while I was watching John Mayer. She gathered a bunch of friends for brunch at Casa Escobar in Marina Del Rey on Sunday to celebrate. I wore my newest John Mayer shirt.
That's the former Raqettes you see here, now the Raq Stars of Bellydance. From left to right, Charlene (Meira), Fancy (Jamilla - the teacher), me in the John Mayer shirt (Melita) and Lois (Lotus). We ate so much food that I gained two pounds I still haven't managed to shed. We all drank (some more than others). I don't usually drink so my half glass of champagne sent me into an afternoon nap. We're throwing confetti from her graduation card in the photo. I'm sure the folks who had to clean that up just loved us.

The latest is that we'll start up in late July or early August. We all have these fancy silver canes and we're going to add a cane dance to our repertoire. I'm pursuing other dance options until we're back from hiatus. I want to use this opportunity to really improve my dancing.


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