Monday, June 11, 2007

My Third John Mayer Concert of 2007: Los Angeles Attitude of Some Attendees Bites But Show (Of Course) Delights

That's right. I went to my third John Mayer concert for the year this past Saturday. It was my fifth JM show total. It was supremely awesome. We didn't take the camera since the Hollywood Bowl website said no cameras, but we did take the digital recorder. This means another project of cleaning up the sound and breaking it into tracks. This also means that the only photo I currently have to represent this show is this one with Felicity begging me to take her along. She's a John Mayer fan.

This was my first trip to the Hollywood Bowl. I thought our seats would be total crap since we only paid $55 each for them. They weren't too bad. They were bench seats where the closer ones had actual chairs. We were maybe 30 rows back. Great view. Andrew kept asking who one would have to "service" to get closer seats. I'd like to know that myself. I tried to get awesome seats for the second night (last night) during the presale, but I kept pulling seats in the same general area where I sat Saturday so I got angry and didn't bother getting tickets. I probably could've gotten some at the box office later, but I spent my money on other things. Oh well.

The shows are always enlightening and inspiring. Maybe he'll do another tour in the fall. If not, Andrew and I will have to wait until February to see him in concert again.

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