Thursday, July 19, 2007

Burly-Q Pole

My pole teacher had a client appreciation night on Tuesday. She held a free burlesque pole class for past and current students and their girlfriends. I offered to help her with the class because I'm used to helping her with parties, and I like having the teaching experience because it helps me understand my own dancing better. I got two friends on the guest list before it was closed.

When she and I spoke a few days before the class, 50 people had RSVPed and there were 15 on the waiting list. She got lots of calls the day of the class from people who wanted to attend but didn't respond before the list was closed. We wound up with 43 students that night. I'm glad not everyone made it so there was room for people to stand and watch while students took turns on the dance floor.

How do you teach 43 students burlesque pole dancing with seven poles, one needed for the teacher? Gabrielle started the mini-routine she taught with a chair dance so we could teach ten girls at once. When we moved to pole, they went in groups of six. Everyone had a good time and learned a little something new. My two friends had fun. She had a number of new people sign up and some past clients reactivate. I thought it was an amazing promotional action. Of course, 43 women are more than a handful. Glad I was there to help and learn from that.

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