Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Costume Frenzy

Have I mentioned lately that burlesque is where costume design, dancing and acting like a ham collide? It is, which is totally perfect for me.

With the burlesque retreat less than a month away, I had to start getting a costume together. I don't know what kind of costume they want us to bring and I think my email with that question got lost in cyberspace. I don't have a gimmick yet and I have several weeks of rehearsals for my play before my trip. I had to use the bits of time I had over the weekend to get started on something.

I decided to do a simple corset, skirt and bra. I found some fantastic fabric at JoAnn Fabric on Friday for under $10 a yard. I had the corset built by Saturday night and was basting the lining to the outside on Sunday. Andrew and I went to Michael Levine in the fashion district to get some trim and rhinestones for my costume. Last night I added an extra panel under the arm on the corset to accommodate the bra and I started attaching closures. I also machine stitched this amazing beaded trim to the bottom -- it looks really antique.

With a week of heavy rehearsals, I'll be able to do the closures and work on the top and bottom ruffles before dinner each night for about twenty minutes. This weekend I'll have to start on the bra and skirt so I can finish those next week when the rehearsals thin out.

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