Friday, July 20, 2007


Tomorrow night is my official burlesque debut. Sure, I did burlesque pole stuff in class, but this is for a real paying audience. w00+!

I signed up for these classes at Stiletto 2.5 at the end of May. One of them teaches pastie making and the other teaches choreography for a performance that night. I won't be stripping down to my chonies in my group number with the classmates. I'll be dressed in black like all of the other girls. Don't worry -- I'll post pictures. There's a great lineup of burlesquers for both shows tomorrow night, and they're putting the class graduates somewhere in the first show.

I have so much to do tonight! I have to find my little black skirt, make my packing list and prepare for a long day in San Bernardino (about an hour and fifteen minutes from home). I hope to return tomorrow night with more mad skills, another notch in my belt and a video of my performance for You Tube.


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