Monday, July 02, 2007


I had my third of eight acting classes in this session yesterday. In week three, you might expect some of the "newlywed" status to wear off. It didn't.

We spent most of the time drilling. I'm used to doing drills from my Scientology studies. Drilling something makes you good at doing that thing. You can become so proficient through drilling that you have the skill and confidence to do the thing you drilled no matter what curve balls you may be thrown. Drilling is like practicing dance or guitar basics.

Anyway, this school promotes that they want you to learn how to become a character in 1/125th of a second. That's pretty fast. And how do you get that fast? Drilling. We did a number of drills to be different characters. It becomes less like schoolwork and more like play time. The teachers give you permission to play without criticizing, invalidating or evaluating your work. It's fantastic. I think I'm down to a second, so I'll have to get a lot faster in the next five weeks.

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