Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Getting So Emotional

Acting class on Sunday was filled with drilling, as per usual. We did some of the same drills that we've been working on for weeks, and we added some new things to those drills. It was awesomely fun.

This past week we concentrated on emotion. We did these neat drills where we had to create emotional isolations, much like belly dancers to chest or hip isolations to just work those muscles. Isolations are great in dance class because they strengthen and tone the area being worked and they develop speed. I'm sure over the next three weeks I'll get even more awesome as an actor with the drills I'm doing in class.

I've had more auditions recently now that I'm not worried about entertaining family on potential shooting days. I had one last Friday, one Saturday and another tomorrow. Maybe I can get back to making money as an actor again!

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