Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I Love This Country

(I know this is a Festivus photo of me and Felicity, but I needed something with a holiday theme and this is what I found readily available. Felicity is a bit thicker now.)

I have a friend and client through my day job that moved to this country thirteen (?) years ago to practice medicine. She's a fantastic chick, very kind and caring and very good at what she does. She'd been on the waiting list for citizenship for some time, and she just became an official citizen in June. She got to pick out a middle name. (I told her all natural-born citizens get middle names so it's easier for parents to yell at them.) She was really thrilled. I tried to make it to her swearing in, but work kept me busy that afternoon. I figured I'd be really moved and I'd turn into this huge puddle of proud weeping on the floor.

We may not have a perfect government, but it's the best of what's around. If it wasn't, why would so many people want to live here?


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