Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Last Minute Busyness

Andrew's sisters are coming to visit Friday. Yay! It's like having two more sisters of my own. We have all of these neat activities planned to give them a good vacation and let them experience a little of our interests. Friday we're going to the Getty and watching DVDs of projects we've done. Saturday we're going to Chinatown, belly dance class and a Dodgers game. Sunday we may go to Roscoe's before I have acting class, and I think Andrew will arrange afternoon entertainment while I'm busy. Monday we're working while the girls hit Universal Studios. Tuesday may be a visit to Hollywood followed by the Brett Dennen concert. Wednesday might be some beach time before we send them home.

I love visiting with family. There is one small problem I hope one day I'll get over: the cleaning. We have to throw out old papers, wash all the sweaters we've had in the laundry basket for a few weeks, clean up scraps from Felicity's toys, scrub the shower, blah blah blah. There's always a significant amount of work before the vacation/visiting time begins. There's also grocery shopping to be done and shopping for new pillows and couch cushions (thanks to the dogs). At least it gets easier every time. Maybe this means I won't be as stressed when my small sister comes to visit in December.


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