Monday, July 16, 2007

Mr. Good Deeds

There are a lot of street people in Los Angeles -- a LOT. It can be a little troubling to see so many people down on their luck. It can also be troubling to know that if you give them money, many of them will spend it on booze instead of food or toothpaste. When someone who's sitting on the sidewalk in Los Angeles asks me for money, I don't give it to them most times. I have to work for my money and I work really hard. I provide a service for my pay. Oftentimes, these blokes demand money in a very aggressive tone. I don't hand out dollars for threats. We did take a photo of a homeless street punk in Hollywood with a flat Stanley for a kid's project and we gave him a couple bucks, but he actually did something to earn that money.

Andrew is far more troubled by the homeless than I am. He really wants to help them, but he knows where the money will usually go. We don't support psychiatric abuse, and a lot of these folks were drugged, abused and put on the street.
Andrew and I went to McDonald's Saturday when I was between meetings. There was a hard-luck fellow perched on the sidewalk outside the door. This guy didn't hit anyone up for anything. He entered the restaurant once to refill his cup of coffee and once to use the restroom, not bothering anyone on his way. (A lot of these guys get confrontational, so this was abnormal for what we usually see.) Andrew saw the man eyeballing his big Mcburger at the counter and decided to do something about it. We finished our Mcmeal and he got five Mcbucks for the fellow. This would allow the guy to eat and insure he couldn't spend the money on booze. The guy was appreciative and Andrew Moore was a hero.

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