Sunday, July 22, 2007


Last night was my official burlesque debut. I had a very educational day in the world of burlesque. I'll detail both classes in individual blogs and save this one just for the performance.

There were five people from the afternoon choreography class who were able to stay to perform the routine at the 7:00 PM show. I was on the downstage left corner, maybe four feet from the first row of seating on the front and side of the thrust stage. We wore black Stiletto t-shirts, black opera gloves, black skirts and black boots. I found some black striped stockings at Ozzie Dots in Hollywood to complete my outfit. My teacher, Jewel of Denial, gave us all a pair of earrings to make us look very go-go. I put glitter on my eyelids, rhinestones by my eyes, and put on my sparkly gator necklace. I was ready to dance.

The song we danced to was only two minutes long so it went by really fast. I wasn't nervous at all. It felt like play time, a feeling I try to replicate in all of my activities. We did our little ditty, went back to the dressing room, gathered up our stuff and were free to go. I bought tickets to watch the rest of the show with Andrew so I joined him in the audience. I loved watching the rest of the show. It was so wild that I was backstage getting ready with all of these ladies, and now I was seeing them perform live. Dude!

Andrew shot footage of me doing the dance during the show. I'll post the link when he has the footage uploaded to You Tube. I had so much fun! I'm a little tired today, but I'm ready to go do it again!


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