Friday, July 13, 2007

Roped in Again

I like to rope Andrew Moore into doing things with me. It's always more fun, and it guarantees I have someone to talk to who has shared the experience with me. A few weeks ago it was the ballroom dancing infomercial. Today it was a game show audition.

I submitted for it while the sisters were here. It's this pilot for a game show where teams of two will select which combination of items would auction for the most money. I think the studio audience first guesses the auction value of the items to determine the price standard for each thing. Anyway, they were looking for married couples. That's something we can easily portray. We went in with a couple that had been dating for four months, two guys who had been friends for a few years and two guys who were business partners for five years. We all had to say something about ourselves and talk about our shopping and bargain hunting experiences.

At the very least, we were cute. We both talked about hunting for old albums with great zest. If that's what they want, we'll be called back in to go on camera next week for another audition. (If that's not what they want, too bad for them.) I think the third round of auditions involves playing a mock game with producers, then they decide who goes on the show. If I wind up with any additional story on this one, I'll share it. But most importantly, we're cute and I got Andrew Moore to join me in my antics once again.

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