Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sickness and Surcharges

Andrew and I were going to take his sisters to see Brett Dennen last night. We first caught Mr. Dennen on a side stage at the John Mayer concert in Irvine last fall. His music reminded me of Paul Simon. I loved that here was this tall redhead strumming on his guitar and dancing around with no shoes. He's since been the official opening act for Mr. Mayer for part of the tour, and it was our hope that we could catch him live last night at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood.

It wasn't meant to be. I think I got a hold of some bad Ben & Jerry's crazy Dave Matthews "get high special" ice cream. (No, I did not get high in order to eat it. I'm a bit of a square.) With the layer of ice on top of the container when we bought it, I was curious about it's edibility. Silly me, I ate most of it anyway. Nonetheless, I've been losing weight rather rapidly out my back end ever since and it shows no signs of stopping. When I was having visions of Dave Matthews tormenting me as my insides rumbled on the way to the concert, I realized I was in no condition to enjoy the barefooted and poetic Mr. Dennen. We returned home to watch a DVD. I think I've consumed a total of 400 calories since last night.

I felt bad that I wasn't able to share this musical experience with Chelley and Becky, but we hadn't gotten our tickets yet. I was going to buy tickets on Monday through Ticketmaster, but I discovered that each $18 ticket had an additional $7+ "handling surcharge" and $2.50 "facility fee." I thought that the $18 ticket was supposed to pay for the venue, staffing and artist. What is this crapola "handling surcharge" and "facility fee"? I know that's not a guarantee of clean bathrooms and easy parking. Because of those crapass fees, I didn't get my tickets through Ticketmaster. We were going to buy them direct from the box office where we could save at least some of the fee. That was kismet since I wound up reading Mensa magazines most of the evening.

To be clear about it, I believe Brett Dennen is worth a $27 ticket. I don't think very highly of the monopolizing Ticketmaster.

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