Sunday, July 01, 2007

Something New

I attended a different belly dance class yesterday. It was a short jog in the other direction from where I usually traveled for belly dance class with Jamilla. After a stop by the ATM (I think the website said cash only for drop-ins), Andrew dropped me off in time to pay and pick my spot on the dance floor. It was a very nice, clean studio with a little boutique in the back. I was ready to start learning from Jenna, a slender gal who looked a lot like one of my older sister's friends from high school.

Many dance classes have the same format: warm up, basic moves, across the floor and cool down. This one had a nice, thorough warm up and covered basics before mixing them into short combinations. We'd repeat each little combination several times to the the techno belly dance music that was playing in the background. Since it was "Beginner & Beyond" class, she'd cover just the footwork so if anyone had a hard time they could just do that. That was cool. I'm sure it made the class very friendly to newbies. (I'm taking my sisters-in-law to this class next week so they can have a taste of belly dance while they're visiting us.) Jenna then led us through a very complete cool down. It was great.

Each teacher focuses on something different, it seems. Jenna wanted me to keep my ribcage slightly forward to make me nice and long (and probably to make the isolations easier). She has a different way of doing snake arms so I had to adjust to that. I liked her class a lot more than the one I did with Lois a few months ago. This class seemed like a better fit and had the kind of structure I dig. I think I'll buy a punch card for ten classes and drop in every weekend I can to improve my skill.


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