Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tassels and Sparkles and Rhinestones, Oh My!

I took a pastie making workshop Saturday afternoon with Venus de Mille. I learned how to make pasties from Jo Boob's ebook a few months ago when I first questioned how one makes tassels twirl. I've made a few pair since, using felt as the base. While I knew how to make a pastie, I'm still a baby burlesquer and wanted to learn something new.

Venus is a costume designer by trade so she had a basic pastie pattern drafted on light cardboard for us. We just had to measure our nipples and cut out the pattern piece. It was interesting being in a room of women eager to make these little body badges with no embarrassment of what it took to make them. We all pulled down our tops to make measurements with no self-consciousness. We plotted out our basic pattern on the cardboard and cut it out.

The base for these pasties was buckram. We actually used two pieces of interfacing stuck together with fusible web, but it gave the sturdy base that buckram would. The first thing I noticed was that the fakeram (mock buckram) made the pasties look less flat than the felt does. After the base was glued, we took stretchy fabric and covered the pastie so it was seamless. We trimmed the fabric around the edge of the fakeram and treated the edges with something so they didn't fray.

The last part was embellishment. We put trim on the outside and stabbed a hole in the middle for the spinner for the tassel. The pasties I made with tassels before weren't as easy to get spinning. With a fishing spinner attached to the point of the pastie, the tassel can easily be changed out and is very easy to get spinning. We glued a tad of bathing suit fabric inside the pastie so the end of the spinner didn't irritate any tender parts. I decided to put rhinestones on my pasties so they were nice and sparkly.

I feel that my previous experience with making pasties was very valuable in my success with this workshop. I don't think my pasties would've turned out as pretty if I hadn't made pasties before. Of course, the new pasties look very professional.

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