Friday, July 27, 2007

Too Many Activities?

When I was a kid, there would usually be one notable activity planned for my summer, like camp or a big shopping trip to Little Rock or a trip to Six Flags. The rest of the summer was spent in a haze. I'd play in the yard or read a lot of books and watch soap operas. There was very little to distinguish the difference between weekdays and weekends. College was the same way, except when I went to summer school for two sessions and Italy at the end of summer school. I've tried to make life more interesting by filling my time with tons of activities while still making it to work every weekday so I can make enough money to pay for these activities.

This summer has seen my belly dance and burlesque debuts, an amazing acting class, a few burlesque classes and a new belly dance class. I've entertained family and worked on choreography to entertain strangers when the play opens in September. I've been a dutiful pole student and an occasional Pilates student. I haven't had a boring summer.

The upcoming weeks present many opportunities. I'm going to drop in on a burlesque class in Silverlake when my acting class is done. I plan to return to Jenna's belly dance class in Atwater Village/Silverlake when they're not on vacation and my Saturday is free. I also hope to drop in on Princess Farhana's belly dance class when she starts back up in August. I've signed up for the burlesque retreat in Seattle at the end of August. Of course, now I'm finding out about other activities that I'd love to squeeze in, but I don't know how I can squeeze out the money for all of the activities. There's a belly dance bra and belt making workshop on four Saturdays in September that would leave me with most of a custom costume. There's a six-week burlesque workshop in L.A. that starts some time in August and culminates in a performance. There's a belly dance workshop that results in a performance at Arabia Exotica one month later. There are so many things to do.

Any wealthy person out there want to adopt a grown girl?

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