Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Almost Done!

I'm almost done with my burlesque costume for the retreat. I spent most of yesterday off from the world celebrating my wedding anniversary. w00+ for me and Andrew Moore!

This is the almost complete version. You can see the corset I made a few weeks ago with the rhinestones on the front. You can also see the gloves I got for under $5 at Kashcool in the fashion district on Sunday and accented with rhinestones. The skirt I bought at Forplay at Hollywood and Wilcox for a party earlier this year. I may still try to make a little skirtlet to put over it before I leave.

Beneath the corset I'm wearing my belly dance bra from earlier this year. I removed the fabric, washed off the glue and added trim to the top and rhinestones to the cups. The black panties I bought years ago from Victoria's Secret and have worn maybe twice. I have to finish tacking the trim to the waistband. I already put rhinestones on the front. Beneath the bra I have pasties made of the same fabric as the corset, the same trim as the bra and panties, and lots of rhinestones. I'm toying with adding tassels, but I don't know that they'd look as awesome as the pasties look now. I also haven't addressed any kind of underpanties or g-string.

Around my neck you'll see the familiar little alligator necklace I wore at Dar Maghreb for my solo. Now I just have to finish the costume pieces.

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