Monday, August 27, 2007

Back From Camp Burlesque!

I returned from my burlesque retreat in the Seattle area today. It was quite an intensely educational trip! I'll have to cover my experience in bits and pieces since there's so much to say!

These two photos are from my first day. I was picked up at the airport by Jessica, an awesome gal who works with Academy of Burlesque in Seattle. She greeted me with a sign that said "Red Snapper." Awesome! I also met Fleur De Lis from New York and Miss Rosie Bits from Vancouver since we shared a ride. This is a photo of the Space Needle from our trip around the city before we drove out to the wild blue yonder.

Through the luck of the draw, I managed to secure a bed in the restored 1964 airstream trailer. Most of the other girls wound up in tents. I lucked out. This is a photo of me celebrating my awesome digs.

We spent a lot of time getting to know each other, setting up "camp" and discussing famous burlesque performers. It was very educational.

As a heads up, I won't be posting any photos for which I don't have permission from everyone in the photo since that's the agreement we all made. But I do promise photos!

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