Sunday, August 12, 2007

Going to Camp

I went to camp regularly in my youth. I was in Girl Scouts for several years, so we had day camp for a week every summer that culminated in a night of skits and camping with the new friends we made that week. As a preteen Girl Scout, we went to Camp Storey way out in the boondocks each year for a full weekend of meal preparation, activities, skits and sleeping in tents. I went to 4-H camp a few years in a row where we stayed in hotel-type accommodations, spent a lot of time indoors and had a big dance each year. I camped on the five acres my parents shared several times a summer when I was a youth, only going inside to use the toilet and steal more food from the pantry to cook on sticks. I even camped at Lago de Garda in Italy when I spent three weeks with a German girl and her family. I'm no stranger to camping.

In less than two weeks, I'll be at burlesque camp. I know it's called a retreat and someone else is doing all of the cooking for us, but it's camp. We'll be staying in cute little trailers, peeing in outhouses and showering outside. With all of the camping in my youth, this isn't too unconfrontable. Of course, it's been many years since I've been camping. Andrew and I don't camp because our dogs aren't good off-leash.

So I find myself having to tap into the recesses of my mind to remember what camping demanded. I was sent a packing list from the retreat hosts, but there are things that aren't listed that I know I'll need. Yes, it says to bring bug repellent. But what kinds of reactions did I have from bugs? What do I need to treat those reactions? Will I need menthol rub to help me survive a more humid environment? Did I get blisters from hiking?

The good thing is that I started packing yesterday so I'm less likely to forget something with so much lead time.

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